Tying It All Together

Textus-Texts-Textiles encapsulates the relationship between tangible objects and the written word through the medium of book art. There is a foundational relationship between texts and textiles in that they both hold power and meanings communicated through a visual medium. In her sewing bookworks, Melhorn-Boe utilizes materials from her private life, such as clothing, fabric, buttons, and thread, to publicly textualize ideas on feminist issues and gender stereotypes.  She pulls threads from her own experiences and then stitches them anew to highlight her perspective on how women are stereotyped into domestic crafts as a chore, thus reclaiming the creative and empowering aspect of the practice.  

For more information and background to the exhibition see the catalogue, Textus-Texts-Textiles (2022), with an essay by Brendan Edwards and Ella Heiss.

To see more of Melhorn-Boe's work visit: https://lisemelhornboe.ca/

Supplementary Items in the Exhibition

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Book Model with lien textile tapes, French link stich binding. Kingston: Nataša Krsmanović, 2022. [Private Collection]

Antonio Sansone. The Printing of Cotton Fabrics: Comprising Calico Bleaching, Printing, and Dyeing. Manchester: Heywood, 1887. [W.D Jordan Rare Books and Special Collections TP930 .S22 1887]

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Home Dressmaking. Cobourg, Ont.: Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., 1926. [W.D Jordan Rare Books and Special Collections, LP Folio TT500 .G5]

Glass of Fashion up to Date. Canadian ed. [The Delineator v.XXXV, n6 June 1897]. Toronto: The Delineator Publishing Co. [W.D Jordan Rare Books and Special Collection, LP Folio TT500 .D32]

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WWII Royal Canadian Housewife Kit. Ottawa: S.S Holden Ltd., 1942. [Private Collection.]

Diane Dawber. Cankerville. Ottawa: Borealis Press, 1984. [W.D Jordan Rare Books and Special Collections, LP PS8557 .A856 C3]

Style Pattern 2172, Misses' Housecoat and Nightdress in Two Lengths. Scarborough: Style Patterns Division-Dominion Simplicity Patterns Ltd., 1977 [Private Collection]

Fools for Love and Salt: Poems by the Foyle Young Poets of the Year 2011. London: The Poetry Society, Foyle Foundation, 2012 [Private Collection]

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Tying It All Together