Button by Lorna Crozier

Button by Lorna Crozier is the first book Melhorn-Boe made in this collection. Crozier and Melhorn-Boe met back in winter of 2015 at the Kingston WritersFest. Crozier suggested Melhorn-Boe experiment with her poems in her book The Book of Marvels: A Compendium of Everyday Things. From there, Melhorn-Boe found inspiration in Crozier's poems on sewing as Melhorn-Boe has been a seamstress for most of her life. All the buttons utilized have significant meanings to Melhorn-Boe as they all come from important women in life. Unlike the solipsistic character of the button in Crozier’s poem, Melhorn-Boe has infused this work with the experience of others, emitting objectivity and selflessness. Such themes are evidently weaved throughout all the works in this series, of the interrelationship and interconnectivity of human experience, but also the ways in which everyday items can be imbued with meaning.

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